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Bill Shaffer Foundation

The Bill Shaffer Foundation is a Non-profit Organization Encouraging and Supporting Youth Leadership Development in Northeastern Oklahoma.

  • Encourage interest in youth activities sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America and other youth-oriented community organizations;

  • Promote the welfare of the youth members of these organizations;

  • Encourage participation in events sponsored by these organizations; and,

  • Provide financial support to the activities of these organizations.


In order to achieve it's mission, the Bill Shaffer Foundation provides:

  • Scholarships to camps, competitions, high adventure bases, and Jamborees

  • Grants for youth development organizations such as Troop 26, STEAM Post 26, Troop 126 (Tulsa's first all-girl troop), and the Tulsa Dream Center.

  • Support for area youth events such as the District Camporee, annual Eagle Scout Recognition Banquet, and others.


Over the past five years this nonprofit corporation has provided $10,000 in summer camp and Jamboree scholarships; $15,000 in support of STEAM Post 26, a multi-age and gender competitive robotics team; and over $5,000 in support for special events in our area including the Vietnam Memorial Wall That Heals and hundreds of patches for local camporees and events.

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